Nexien BioPharma Inc

Research and Development of Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals in Accordance with United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulatory Pathways.

Nexien BioPharma operates in strict compliance with United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) licensed pharmaceutical clinical research organizations (CRO's), contract manufacturing partners (CDMO's), and prestigious academic research institutions.

Three Synergistic Business Development Paths


Developing, licensing and commercializing cannabinoid based medications for specific medical conditions and disorders. Our drug development activities are undertaken in accordance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or comparable development pathways in other countries.

Our intent is that any medications we develop will be physician prescribed.


The development and licensing of proprietary delivery systems for cannabinoid medications. In addition to the Company’s precision parenteral formulations, the Company’s advanced tablet technology provides for the accurate oral and sublingual dosing of cannabinoid API’s with our without adjunct API’s for both human (PerfectDose™) and veterinary applications (Triit™).


Investments in companies, and the acquisition of technologies, or medications, focused on cannabinoid-based research, through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) controlled by Nexien BioPharma Inc.

Our Team

teams Chief Operating Officer

Robert I. Goldfarb, JD

Chief Operating Officer, Nexien BioPharma Inc

  • Senior President/General Counsel, Andrx Corporation
  • General Counsel, Accubreak Inc
  • Partner, Hughes, Hubbard and Read
  • BA from University of Connecticut, J.D. from University of Florida
teams Chief Financial Officer

Evan Wasoff, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Nexien BioPharma Inc

  • CFO, Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd
  • Principal, AZCO Financial Mgmt LLC
  • CFO, Kantiva Inc
  • BS from State University of NY, MBA from University Of Colorado, Boulder
teams VP - Legal & Intellectual Property Counsel

Dr. Joseph Aceto, JD, PhD

VP - Legal & Intellectual Property Counsel, Nexien BioPharma Inc

  • Counsel, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwelll and Hippel LLP
  • General Counsel/Managing Partner, CRx Bio Holdings
  • Board of Directors, Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute
  • MS from Drexel, Ph.D from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine Temple University and J.D. from the Widener University School of Law

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